What is coconut sugar ?

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I started this business in 2011 because I was amazed at what coconut sugar can do to our health and the way we see sugar. My mum came from a village in Indonesia and coconut sugar (or Gula Melaka, as known in Indo) is something common and widely used. It didnt occur to me that alot of people outside of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore was not aware of coconut sugar. 

I’ve seen mum used it in cakes and desserts like Chendol and the caramelized sweetness was something else - it was sweet, yet not overly sweet and had a fragrant taste. I remember one time, while visiting her village, they sprinkled coconut sugar on the flesh of freshly opened coconut and the taste was divine!! 

Hopefully, this blog will give you more insights into what coconut sugar is really about, together with recipes on how to use it. 

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Posted 187 weeks ago
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