What is Coconut Sugar? 

Coconut Sugar, also known as Palm sugar or Coco sugar, is rather unknown to the western world. However, it has been widely used in the South East Asian region. It’s naturally sweet taste is the reason for its use in the kitchen. Coconut sugar can be used as a 1:1 substitute to white cane sugar – perfect for baking and desserts! It has a taste similar to brown sugar but with a richer flavour and a tinge of caramel or butterscotch.

COCOSUGAR does not contain additives of cane sugar & is 100% natural.

How can Coconut Sugar benefit me? 

COCOSUGAR is great for people who are looking to maintain or lose weight, improve diabetes management, reduce hunger or even prolong physical endurance. 

Of course, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is also essential. 


Why should I switch to Coconut Sugar?

COCOSUGAR tastes similar to cane sugar, except that it's healthier and tastier.

Where does your Coconut Sugar come from?

Our natural coconut sugar comes from Indonesia. It is farmed and owned by its villagers. 

Is it healthier than other sugars?

Studies have shown that coconut sugar has a glycemic index (GI) of 35 - half the value of cane sugar. Glycemic Index is a measure of how carbohydrates react differently in our body. This simply means that glucose in lower GI foods like coconut sugar would trickle into your blood stream, which can keep your energy levels balanced and you feeling fuller for longer. 

Check out our Nutrition Facts page for more information
Extracted from www.glycemicindex.com

Source : "The Glycemic Index" (www.glycemicindex.com)


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