Nutrition Facts

With its naturally low Glycemic Index (GI) of 35, coconut sugar overtakes other sweeteners like Agave, Honey, Brown Sugar and White Cane sugar. Here’s a quick comparison of other sweeteners and commonly consumed foods (GI are in brackets):

Source: Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute (; Nutrition Data (

Glycemic Index 

GI value measures how quickly blood sugar rises after eating a type of food. Consuming foods with high GI causes a large and rapid glycemic response where you may feel an initial elevation in energy and mood as you blood sugar rises (sugar rush!), but this is soon followed by a cycle of lethargy and hunger. Consuming food with low GI that can slowly trickle glucose into your blood stream keeps your energy level balanced and will make you feel fuller for longer.
The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute release the following information about their analysis of nutritive values found in coconut sugar. Their posted analysis is a genuine effort to provide you with an authentic comparison, yet they urge you to conduct your own research in order to feel confident about anything going into your body.

Our Nutrition Label 

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